Top Ten Cheap Smart Phone in 2020

This guide helps you in selecting the most excellent phones and provides a top selection of entirely best and cheap smartphones, iPhones and mobile going in 2020. This complete guide has come up with a wide variety of cost-effective and reliable smartphones, which provides a diverse range of low prices that are helpful for the customers. You can find low prices that can fulfill your wish of owning an iPhone, android or phone for photography. Including the fact of low cost, the phones mentioned in this guide have quality features such as quick central hardware, excellent camera and up to the mark screens, which overcomes the missing of few features like wireless charging etc. So, lets have a look at the Top Ten Cheap Smart Phone in 2020 on Most Economical List.

Top Ten Cheap Smart Phone in 2020 – Top Rated

10. Huawei P30 Lite

Top Ten Cheap Smart Phone in 2020

If you think Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro are out of your range, then we direct you to Huawei P30 Lite. This phone provides vast space including 6GB RAM, 6.15-inch screen and a triple-lens back end camera which is slightly different than other P30 phones but is the prime device that can be bought at this price.

9. Nokia 7.2

Top Ten Cheap Smart Phone in 2020

Nokia is known to be the leading company in providing reliable and economical phones to its users. It comprised in this classification, the specs, quality camera and design give its user an optimum mixture in less price. This 6.3-inch phone has a long battery life and has Android One program which makes it even more well-rounded than other phones at this cost.

8. Samsung Galaxy A9

Top Ten Cheap Smart Phone in 2020

For those who desire to buy a Galaxy at an affordable range, Samsung Galaxy A9 is the best option for them. This device provides the quad-camera system, a 10-megapixel full 120-degree sensor for catching spectacular panoramas, 24-megapixel primary sensors including f/1,7 aperture and a five-megapixel camera. With all these features, A9 has a 24-megapixel front camera, all of this at just a low price of over £300.

7. Realme 5

Top Ten Cheap Smart Phone in 2020

If you’re looking for something under £200, Realme 5 is there to fulfill your demand which gives sufficient features. The battery life, quality and design are good enough and the quad-camera catches fair shots which is more than enough for much less price.

6. Apple iPhone XR

Top Ten Cheap Smart Phone in 2020

Apple is known to produce devices that give you the best experience. If you are looking for some reason Apple product then we suggest you iPhone XR. The device consists of a 6.1-inch LCD, 3GB RAM, Apple A12 Bionic CPU and 2.92 mAh battery with wireless charging and Face recognition which is brilliant including the overall properties of the product.

Together with these characteristics, this iPhone has a 12-megapixel sensor in the back and is more significant than size compared to other iPhones which are great for a broader view.

5. OnePlus 6T

Top Ten Cheap Smart Phone in 2020

One of the best economical phones includes OnePlus 6T which is not the newest innovation, but is still one of the great mobile phone found in the market. With a beautiful 6.41-inch display, decent design and internal including better camera quality this year, this phone is a convenient option in the market for a cheaper price.

4. Honor Play

Top Ten Cheap Smart Phone in 2020

The great Android phone Honor Play that offers a low price of only £279.95 or lower at certain outlets is a good option for people searching for small priced phones. The phone includes fast Kirin 970 CPU, 6.3-inch screen and 4GB RAM with 64GB storage space and a single front camera. The phone is best for games as it has a built-in GPU Turbo.

3. Google Pixel 3a

Top Ten Cheap Smart Phone in 2020

One of the most in-expensive smartphone devices of Google is its Pixel 3a which is a part of the most excellent Android phones. The method ranges around £399, has a 64GB model and a minimum of three years android updates is of top-notch worth which directs the Android developers for some change.

2. Samsung Galaxy S10e

Top Ten Cheap Smart Phone in 2020

The mid-range Samsung Galaxy S10e is the best non-flagship phone of 2020. With its brilliant performance, battery life, camera, software and design, this phone has received great reviews by T3 and scored five stars. Samsung should be proud of making this exceptional device in a well- balanced range for its customers.

1. Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

Top Ten Cheap Smart Phone in 2020

The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro has a design that can gain people’s attention wherever you go. This classy creation has a 20MP front camera pop-up unit, widescreen and attractive price which is an overall great combination that one can get at a less expensive price. Although there are some deficiencies of wireless charging and waterproofing, still this phone is good enough to compete with other leading mobile brands.

Top Ten Cheap Smart Phone in 2020 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Cheap Smart Phone in 2020
1 Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro
2 Samsung Galaxy S10e
3 Google Pixel 3a
4 Honor Play
5 OnePlus 6T
6 Apple iPhone XR
7 Realme 5
8 Samsung Galaxy A9
9 Nokia 7.2
10 Huawei P30 Lite


The above list provides the full detail regarding the cheap phones in 2020. These smartphones are not only stylish and they contain all those features that make them an idea to purchase. So, it’s better to spend less on quality products then spend on expensive products that have the same features.

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