Top Ten Cheap Places to Study Abroad

Unpleasant reports are being spread about studying abroad and how it is over the budget for several students who are already suffering from paying their college expenses. Although, this is not the case every time. By focusing on different characteristics such as local goods, rent, grocery, purchasing power and services within the budget and salary of each country, Time Magazine has created a record of 50 cheapest countries and set New York as its standard to compare other countries living. We have taken famous places to study abroad and examined them. We have also involved the cost of meals at low-cost restaurants for every country and how much budget it requires. With this guide, you will be surprised to see the names of Top Ten Cheap Places to Study Abroad.

Top Ten Cheap Places to Study Abroad – Top Rated

1. Peru

Top Ten Cheap Places to Study Abroad

If you are searching to travel in the world’s famous jungles and Inca ruins that hundreds of foreigners want to explore, and you want to live like a local and save money after paying for your meals, transportation and personal expenses. Then Machu Picchu or Cusco are great options for you to travel like a local. Here the meals at a mid-budget restaurant cost around $3.06 and the affordable study programs are ISA and CISabroad in Peru.

2. Morocco

Top Ten Cheap Places to Study Abroad

Among the energetic and messy bazaars of Fez and Rabat, and being attracted to the ancient art of haggling. The beautiful city of Morocco is considered to be an economical and delightful deal that can fulfill your traveling and affordable study program needs and wishes. At a low cost of USD 3.08 for an inexpensive meal, one can also study different programs here in Qalam Center For Arabic Studies and Morocco Off the Beaten Track.

3. Portugal

Top Ten Cheap Places to Study Abroad

If you’re looking to study in Western Europe but have a limited budget, then Portugal is the place for you. With the advantage of being one flight or train ride from other European regions, Portugal is considered to be the finest and affordable place to live with the benefits of having breathtaking beaches, weather and cuisine. The meals here only cost USD 7.85 at a budget-friendly restaurant and the economical budget programs include CIEE and Center for Study Abroad (CSA)

4. Hungary

Top Ten Cheap Places to Study Abroad

A place where one can find cheap housing and location to study, Eastern Europe is known to be one of the affordable places to have these factors. This place is filled with an interesting history, where the capital of Budapest is known for its spectacular Parliament building near River Danube. This city is very affordable for living and is above several European cities. The food costs only USD 5.45 at low-cost places and reasonable study programs of: Youth For Understanding (YFU) and API Study Abroad in Hungary.

5. Germany

Top Ten Cheap Places to Study Abroad

While eating out is comparable to in the United States, Germany’s average rents and discount grocers are the country’s most attractive budgeting feature. Rents are estimated to be on average a third less than in the United States, and a weekly trip to the supermarket for healthy, quality ingredients is satisfyingly cheap. Not only are student discounts commonplace, if you attend a public university, but you may also get a free regional train and bus transportation card thrown in. Meal at an inexpensive restaurant in USD: $11.21.

Recommended affordable study abroad programs in Germany: Wayne State University and European Study Center (ESC) Heidelberg. Germany is also considered to be a budget-friendly country overall when compared with the USA. The rents in this country are much lesser than the United States, and the weekly expense for shopping for groceries and other needs is comparatively cheaper. This place does not only offer discounts to students, but also free local train and bus transport if you study at the local university. With a meal of low price of USD 11.21 at economical restaurants, this country also has reasonable study programs like Wayne State University and the European Study Center (ESC) Heidelberg.

6. Mexico

Top Ten Cheap Places to Study Abroad

For the ones who love Mexican fruit cocktails, tacos and spicy meals at a reasonable price, Mexico is the best place to get your wish fulfilled as these things are available at every corner of this region. This place has the advantage of being close to the USA and Canada which makes its flight budget much more affordable as compared to other countries. This country has a variety of study opportunities and affordable living. Apart from this, this place has a past which makes it more attractive. With an affordable price of USD 4.81 for meals at low price restaurants, Mexico also has study programs like Sol Education Abroad.

7. Greece

Top Ten Cheap Places to Study Abroad

The breathtaking seashores and ancient ruins will give you a lot to imagine when you visit Greece. The commercial break down in this country has caused a great downfall to its economy, due to which tourism is the primary source of income for this country. Cuisines and everyday expenses are pretty low. The food here costs as little as USD 11.21 and the cheap study programs include College Year in Athens and Hellenic International Studies in the Arts.

8. Chile

Top Ten Cheap Places to Study Abroad

The country of Chile includes diverse nature related and affordable experiences, which provides for its food and hotels. Chile gives a bunch of choices to travel especially on weekends, these places include Easter Island 2,000 miles from the Chilean coast and other experiences near Antarctica are expected to be expensive than other close cities and parks. The cost of meals is $7.48 at a low price and study programs involve USAC and AIFS.

9. Poland

Top Ten Cheap Places to Study Abroad

Poland’s most significant cities like Warsaw and Krakow are comparatively equal to Western Europe. The rent for one-bedroom apartments is much cheaper than Germany for a cost of 300 Euro in Poland’s cities. Transportation cards are also available for students which makes life more reasonable. The price of meals is as low as $5.35 and affordable study programs are: Carleton-Antioch Global Engagement and Syracuse University.

10. South Africa

Top Ten Cheap Places to Study Abroad

Even though this country is a little out of the way but you can become used to live here quickly. Most areas of this country are not entirely developed which makes it comparatively affordable as compared to other western countries. The developed cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town can cost more at times, but it is one of the cheapest states for abroad studies. Its currency and economic position overall is also strengthening with time. The meals cost $7.56 at low price restaurants and study programs are IES Abroad and Good Hope Studies that are quite affordable.

Top Ten Cheap Places to Study Abroad – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Cheap Places to Study Abroad
1 Peru
2 Morocco
3 Portugal
4 Hungary
5 Germany
6 Mexico
7 Greece
8 Chile
9 Poland
10 South Africa


We, the experts of Most Economical List always try our best to provide the best and at the same time affordable list of items and places. Today, we have provided the list of accessible placed to study abroad where one can visit and explore on either scholarship bases or regular bases.

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